Cinema paradiso review

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  • Publicado : 3 de marzo de 2011
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Cinema Paradiso Review

Cinema Paradiso is an excellent movie. It has a lot of issues of the life applied to every era and to every stage of the life of any person. Cinema Paradiso is a hymn aboutcinema and the love to the seventh art.
The movie stars with a call to Salvatore (Jaques Perrin) announcing the death of an old friend of Salvatore: Alfredo (Philippe Noiret). Many years before, wesee a Sicily after the Second World War, where people used to watch news and movies in the cinemas in order to get informed and entertain. Here, Salvatore as a kid (Salvatore Cascio) lives a lifewith personal problems because of his father. Behind all his personal problems, the cinema y the only passion of Toto; he was trying to learn from the projectionist of the Cinema Paradiso Alfredo. Aftermany tries, Alfredo accepts to teach everything he knew about the movies. When a terrible accident disabled Alfredo to be the projectionist of the Cinema Paradiso, Toto took his place.
Toto grew upas a normal kid in the town but with a passion for the movies. Toto as a teenage passed through the life of one: the friends, the school and for sure; the love. Toto lives the indifference and thetrue love with Elena (Agnese Nano) but unfortunately the romance end when Elena´s father move from Giancaldo. This fact destroy the hopes of Toto and he takes refuge at the movies
It is curious howthe kiss scenes were censored by Alfredo; and how the audience was upset because they didn´t see any kiss until Cinema Paradiso was reopened and Toto avoid the censorship in the movies.
As Toto grew,Alfredo thought Toto that if he wanted to reach his dreams, he has to leave the town and search in other places for his dreams and carrier. Alfredo told Toto when he was leaving to not return ever toGiancaldo no matter what.
In the last part of the movie, Toto as an adult returned to Giancaldo for the funeral of Alfredo. In his town, he remembers his life while he has in Gianclado and the...
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