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  • Publicado : 8 de diciembre de 2011
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Ana Medina
English 1302.01 &.02
Is education the cure for poverty?
“Is education the cure for poverty?” that’s the question that, Economist and Economic Policy Adviser toVice President Joseph Biden, Jared Bernstein asked himself or better yet to the public reading his essay. Inside his essay he gives explanations of why education is and isn’t the cure for poverty thatmany are facing.
Joseph suggested that education by itself does not cure poverty. He does admit that education is a huge tool of success but does guarantees the total triumph of success. Also a personwho is educated tends to earn more money than a person who doesn’t. Still a diploma is not enough if you don’t have adequate training in the field you have studied. In his article he has a suggestionby Craig Duncan’s, consisting in investing in early education. This supports his idea of being educated, but also is useful to have training in the workforce of your choice. There is also the factthat education is out of the reach for people living in poverty and those people are the main ones that would benefit of an education. With no education at their hands people accept low-wages jobs, thatare not helping them at all in succeeding instead they are just making life harder for them. Bernstein also mentions that over relying on education can fail you because education does improve thequality of knowledge but not the “quantity of jobs” available. In this case, a person might have his diploma of whatever profession they have study but it is not useful if there is no job opening.Apparently low paying jobs are the ones that are employing more services than the high paying jobs because economy is growing significantly in business. Many of these businesses don’t require sufficienttraining making it accessible for people to acquire a job. The growth of labor market consisted of offering a higher paying wage in order to keep employees in 1990s. Eventually the education levels...
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