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This information is about how the students can learn trought diferent activities, in the classroom are more kind of learners and they have diferent abilities.
Teacher have to findthis tools and the students learn the principal objective.

Is important to give more exercises for all the students, the teacher have to do their lesson plan in order to teach a good class.CONCLUSION

The clases were very interensting because all the teams combine diferent activities, with good variety and blending of materials/ media, in some clasess the listeners has no dificultyunderstanding the sequence and relationships among the ideas in the message, and they knew their audience and how to address them.
In my practice I feel more confortable because I practice all thetime with my students and I teached in order that students learn without dificulty. I learned that I have to practice conversation, vocabulary in order to speak with more fluency in front of mystudents. My score was exellent I feel very surprised about it.

I never knew a teacher how likes his profesion, likes to teach, and gives the betther tips for the students, he is more friendly, very nice,thanks for all and I learn of you that I will be more patient for my students, good luck teacher Saulo!


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