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  • Publicado : 18 de octubre de 2010
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Cassandra Castro
April 21, 2010

Field Experiences
Tuesday morning, I woke up very excited because I was going to my first field experience, and I was very excited to know what was going to happened, I had field experience in a public school last semester, but I thought that this semester would be very different. Finally I got in Growing Scholars School, that is a private schoolthat has a special education program, I got there and they were ready to receive me, they already know that I was going to be there. One of the girls that works there named Adriana Gonzalez, she walk with me and showed me each part of the school. I took the time to observe the school it was a very big school and it has a lot of good materials for the kids. The classrooms have a lot of differentthings that makes the children work easier .Their care physically set up to have a "home-like" feeling, giving their students a sense of warmth and safety. The use of color, texture, sound, lighting and furniture placement helps them to address many different needs. Growing Scholars is divided into four levels: Early Education (Pre-K and Readiness), Lower Primary (grades 1-2), Upper Primary (3-4),and Intermediate (grades 5-8). The thing that I like the most Is that their transitions between the different levels are based on the age of the children, cognitive ability, and emotional development levels. They programs also include: karate, Math, Science, Art therapy, Music, and Drama.
I met the teacher that I was going to work with her name is Kara Bartkus, she is teaching earlyeducation (Pre-K) and she show me all her class room. I asked some questions about her teaching career and she told me that it is the best profession that she would be, she that been an special education teacher is one of the most beautiful things because she is teaching a group of children who are just beginning to discover and learn about life and the world. She also said that it is very niceto transmit the values and the love that she have, that urge to educate and see the results of what she try to convey to each of them and see a little learning from the moment you see and greet with kisses and hugs. Also she told me that the teachers must have tolerance and understanding when a student's emotions interfere with his/her learning. Another thing that took my attention was that in theclassroom there is schedule that allows adequate time for each subject area. They help the children to understand what are they doing and and also they help them to not get stuck with the work, they have a lot of materials that helps the child to work easy.
During my field experiences there was a boy named James that took all my attention when I was on the class room. James is seven yearsold, the first thing that I thought was that he was a cute boy, he was very sweet but once he got in to the class room , he was totally different. In other words James is an earthquake. It is the most popular guy in the class, which was first boy that arrives to the school, but he later comes to class. James cannot focus he is distracting with every single thing. At school, he could not stayin your chair or keep quiet. He was just on his business. It was very frustrated because every day that I was on my field experience, he was doing something and he was at front for some reason. He stared to talk with me and told about his family, the things that he likes and some other things, I stared to work with him during class, I ask Ms. Bartkus if I could be observing his progress and shetold me that it was not a problem. Now, I can tell that he is been a good boy, he has a schedule for his daily work and the best thing was that he never was on the front office anymore. Every day that I was at the class room he runs and hug me and he gave me a kiss, it was a feeling that I cannot explain. James took my heart and I would say that the first impression that I had of him was...
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