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Character Analysis of Holden in the Catcher in the Rye
In The Catcher in the Rye by Jerome David Salinger, The main character represented by a sixteen years old boy Holden Caulfield, who’s from NewYork throughout the whole novel he goes into many situations that had an effect on his life. After being expelled from four different schools he starts to have the feeling of not belonging anywhere,he decides to go back to his family in New York where he faces a whole new list of problems, and finds himself in a totally different position. As time goes by, Holden goes through many circumstanceswhich in one way or another have a negative effect on his life as a teenager; and especially the kind of person that he is and what he believes in. Much of these leads to develop his obsession andfear against the “Adulthood” and all the bad things that he believes being an adult would bring. This meaning that Holden does anything to maintain himself away from anything that has to do with beingolder.
Throughout the novel Holden is going through many circumstances, since the death of his younger brother Alie, who died of leukemia and that apparently was much smarter than him, he died atthe age of three years old. Holden was then ejected from four private schools. After his expulsion of Pencey Prep School Holden says goodbye to Mr. Spencer, who lectures on the future, something thatHolden does not seems of much interest. After his last expulsion Holden decides to return back to New York where his family was waiting, but Holden knew that despite everything he was going to have toconfront his parents, and explain his bad behavior, and his little interest in education. This had him frustrated which made him choose to stay in a hotel, the money was no problem, Holden came froma wealthy family and his grandmother had provided him an amount of cash.

After a couple of days, Holden decides to go out with Sally, while waiting in the park he meets a little girl, which he...
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