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  • Publicado : 21 de agosto de 2012
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Ana Emilia Gordillo
It is difficult to ascertain the situation of crime that exists in Ecuador, as it has experienced severe changes in recent years, which have madethis topic of great interest for everyone. Everyday life goes hand in hand with an accelerated clock time, which influences the social construction, since its center that is the family.

Ithink that we all see that our everyday life is thrown into an atmosphere of insecurity and distrust. My mother used to wear gold jewelry and walk around town with them, without the fearof being attacked by a third person and be alarmed by a possible and even imminent theft, this is a situation which has changed dramatically in a short period of time.

I wonder why thisdrastic change, and the answer that I can find is that all the Ecuadorians have changed our everyday´s life, and also how we relate to each other, the time we devote to our family, timewe spent at work, etc. Every day the demand of our labor productivity requires more of our personal time, which lowers our quality of lifestyle, we have less time to rest, eat or sleep, andtherefore less time for family and friends, and for personal activities. That is the reason why we have increasingly less interest in people around us on the street, at work and in publicspaces in general, which has made every social being vulnerable to an insecure environment.

Nowadays the murders, hitmen killings, assaults, organized crime and kidnappings have becomepart of our reality, and actually they have become stronger and more dangerous than it used to be.

Crime in Ecuador should not be seen as a matter of lack of security, it does not haveto depend on how many cops are on the street, or on the governmental laws that the country may have, but it does have to be on the consciousness of social reality in which we live.