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Economic Facts

Japan is one of the most important countries in the world. There are many facts that make Japan one of the richest countries. They produce and buy a lot of things that makes theireconomy grow faster.

One amazing thing about Japan is that they rose from the World War II; they were exterminated by the United States and their atomic bombs. Japan was devastated, they began torise from the ashes and started to become a country with culture, with intelligence, with many virtues that made the Japan one of the best.

Japan has many important economic factors, such asindustry, at the industry; Japan is the largest motor producer among the world, Japan has also very good presence making electronic devices, machines, tools, ships, chemicals, textiles and processed food,such as rice, vegetables, etc.

At agriculture products Japan exports a lot of rice, sugar beets, vegetables, fruit, pork, eggs and fish. Japan has many rules for food and other products that areimported from other country, that is why it’s so hard to sell fruit or other products to Japan.

As far as poverty goes, Japan is one of the best countries to live; following with the CIA data base,there are no people living in extreme poverty, which means that Japan is a place where the labor is no problem.

Capital Data: “Given its heavy dependence on imported energy, Japan has aimed todiversify its sources. Since the oil shocks of the 1970s, Japan has reduced dependence on petroleum as a source of energy from more than 75% in 1973 to about 57% at present.” Land Data: “15% of Japan'sland is suitable for cultivation. With per hectare crop yields among the highest in the world, Japan maintains an overall agricultural self-sufficiency rate of about 50% on fewer than 14 million acres.Japan normally produces a slight surplus of rice but imports large quantities of wheat, sorghum, and soybeans, primarily from the United States. Japan is the largest market for U.S. agricultural...
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