Estudio de sueldos y ganacias mundial

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A comparison of purchasing power around the globe / 2009 edition

Prices and Earnings
Price comparison Oslo, Zurich, Copenhagen and Geneva are the most expensive cities Domestic purchasing power An average day’s work buys an iPod nano in Zurich and New York Wage comparison Highest salaries in Switzerland, Denmark and the US

Cities (countries)
Amsterdam (Netherlands) Athens (Greece)Auckland (New Zealand) Bangkok (Thailand) Barcelona (Spain) G Helsinki Oslo G G Stockholm G Tallinn Beijing (China) Berlin (Germany) G Riga Bogotá (Columbia) Copenhagen G Bratislava (Slovakia) G Vilnius Dublin G Brussels (Belgium) G Berlin G Amsterdam Warsaw G London G Budapest (Hungary) Brussels G Kiev G Buenos Aires (Argentina) Luxembourg G G Frankfurt G Prague Munich G Bucharest (Romania) GBratislava Vienna G Paris G Caracas (Venezuela) G Budapest G Zurich Geneva G G Montreal Chicago (United States) G Ljubljana Lyon G G Milan Bucharest G Cairo (Egypt) G Toronto Chicago G Delhi (India) G Sofia G New York G Rome Doha (Qatar) G Barcelona Istanbul G Dubai (United Arab Emirates) Madrid G Dublin (Ireland) G Lisbon Frankfurt (Germany) G Athens Geneva (Switzerland) G Los Angeles Helsinki (Finland)Hong Kong (China) Istanbul (Turkey) Jakarta (Indonesia) G Miami Johannesburg (South Africa) Kiev (Ukraine) Copenhagen (Denmark) Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) G Mexico City Lima (Peru) Lisbon (Portugal) Ljubljana (Slovenia) London (Great Britain) Los Angeles (United States) Luxembourg (Luxembourg) G Caracas Lyon (France) Madrid (Spain) Milan (Italy) Manama (Bahrain) Bogotá G Manila (Philippines) MexicoCity (Mexico) Miami (United States) Montreal (Canada) Moscow (Russia) Mumbai (India) Munich (Germany) Nairobi (Kenya) New York (United States) Nicosia (Cyprus) Oslo (Norway) Lima G Paris (France) Prague (Czech Republic) Riga (Latvia) Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) Rome (Italy) G Rio de Janeiro Santiago de Chile (Chile) G São Paulo Sao Paulo (Brazil) Shanghai (China) Seoul (South Korea) Singapore(Singapore) Sofia (Bulgaria) Stockholm (Sweden) Santiago de Chile G Sydney (Australia) G Buenos Aires Taipei (Taiwan) Tallinn (Estonia) Tel Aviv (Israel) Tokyo (Japan) Toronto (Canada) Vilnius (Lithuania) Warsaw (Poland) Vienna (Austria) Zurich (Switzerland)


Prices and Earnings 2009

2009 edition

Prices and Earnings
G Moscow

A comparison of purchasing power around the globe

Beijing GG Seoul

G Tokyo

G Nicosia

G Tel Aviv G Cairo G Delhi Hong Kong G

G Shanghai G Manama Doha G G Dubai

G Taipei

G Mumbai (Bombay) G Bangkok G Manila

G Kuala Lumpur

G Singapore G Nairobi

G Jakarta

G Johannesburg

G Sydney

Auckland G

Prices and Earnings 2009



Editorial Methodology Overview Price levels Wage levels Domestic purchasing powerWorking time required to buy ... Exchange rates used Price comparison Total expenditure on goods and services Food prices Prices for men’s and women’s clothing Prices of home electronics and household appliances Apartment rents Public transport Car prices and maintenance costs Restaurant and hotel prices Price of a city break Prices of services Wage comparison International wage comparison Gross andnet hourly pay in USD Taxes and social security contributions Working hours and vacation days Exchange rate changes and inflation (2006 – 2009) Publication details

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This report has been prepared by UBS AG.

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Frank Thiel, Stadt 7/11/A (Berlin) 1999, Framed chromogenic print face mounted on plexiglass 175 x 240 cm UBS ArtCollection © 2009 Frank Thiel, courtesy of Krinzinger Gallery, Vienna

Frank Thiel facilitates our understanding of things-in-the-making with large format photographs. In order to do this he opts for a raised camera position to ensure that he will get a good overview of the massive building site at the heart of Berlin. The delicate tracery of cranes, brightly colored, writhing pipes and...
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