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  • Publicado : 26 de enero de 2011
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Executive briefing
Company preview
We have a company born in 1991 from two merging companies, Hidroeléctrica Española & Iberduero. Those had a
historical experience of diversification with thenuclear plants to be included in their portfolio in the 70´s.
Iberdrola managed to keep kind of “VERTICAL” leadership in Spain, from production to retail distribution. That was the
moment to startexpanding in area of influence, wich includes geographical (Europe) and traditional Latin American market
for Spain. Market conditions will change and distribution map with them.
New context, new goal.Spanish grade of commitment with KYOTO protocol is the starting point for a CEO that will change priorities in the company
´s core values. The sustainable development, the green( intangible) conceptis to become an adventage to improve brand
competitiveness in inner and foreign markets, at the same time that prepares own structure to a long term stakeholder and
customer satisfaction. Is astrategy change based on geographical and global regulation.
Key Factors
-The change was perfectly implemented according to investments done, and to be done by competitors, meeting financial
criteriain short term basis (stakeholder), regulatory adaptation leadership all time, and getting added value on intangible
-The relationship with NGO´s was managed as a tactical opportunity toprotect Iberdrola´s brand from wide open attacks,
reach future consumers preferences and enter in new spin off business lines, as electricity end use phase ,and consultation
on energy efficience services(trans-sectorial ), diversifying incomes.
-The strategy entered also in commercial terms with improvement on fares (consumer prices) and saving solutions with
public sector.
-Considering the Gridsupplying system as a particularity of the market, that conditions competition of all players, does not
shows to be a special handicap in the Iberdrola´s ´image “greening”, as long as the need of...