“Globalization plays the main role in shaping patterns of forced migration today.” discuss.

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“Globalization plays the main role in shaping patterns of forced migration today.” Discuss.
The intense migratory flows are the source of some of the more fundamental changes which have occurred in recent decades in contemporary societies. In some places, immigration has become in very few years the newest and most powerful social phenomenon. This is, however, a situation exclusive of anycountry, but due to a complex and intense reorganization of the global mapping of the human population.
Given the global dimension that the thrilling migration has reached, it is pretty tight to conceive an important effect of globalization processes (understood here in its purely descriptive sense, namely the growing interrelationship between different parts of the world). While immigration from poorto rich countries is not a new phenomenon, it is rising. In its contemporary form, this phenomenon rooted causes, besides the huge economic differences between regions in the world, the globalization of communication and transport means through which it acts as a pull factor.
In the past two decades it has dramatically increased not only the volume but also the degree of globalization of theimmigration system in its dual sense: increasing diversity of the host regions and increasing the areas of origin. Consequently, immigrants have a variety demographic, social, cultural and economic increasing and virtually unheard of in the past. Although this is an issue that affects all rich countries (but not only them), its incidence is even more pronounced in those that border or are close toimpoverished areas, such as the United States and Mexico, or such as Spain and Italy with regard to the Maghreb and sub-Saharan Africa. The effects of this phenomenon is felt in the most varied aspects of social life both recipient countries and issuers, causing, among other substantial changes in demographics and significant alterations in the structure of the labor market.
Developed countries arerich in capital and technology, while developing countries have an abundance of skilled labor. What a country produces reflects what their resources are. Countries with skilled workers produce goods and services that require training. Developed countries have abundant capital, which moves around the world in search of higher interest rates. The developing countries have an abundance of unskilledworkers who want to move around the world in search of better jobs. Of course, the developed countries allow migration to their countries of highly skilled workers, because they are well aware of the benefits it brings, this is to keep the most valuable intellectual capital of developing countries without compensation in exchange: after the developing countries have spent the few dollars they canin education, developed countries often inadvertently, seek to benefit from their workers.
Globalization means increased interconnectedness, the expansion and deepening of various social elements, economic and political, the growing interdependence of all societies together, promoted by increased financial flows and communication catapulted by the third industrial revolution facilitates that theflow can be performed in real time.
In the economic dimension globalization can be understood as a new phase of expansion of the capitalist system that is characterized by the opening of national economies, by increasing international trade, expansion of financial markets, the spatial reorganization of production The ongoing search for comparative advantage and competitiveness that gives priorityto technological innovation, the emergence of high unemployment and falling wage levels.
Globalization has become almost a commonplace in the justification of any action or interpretation of the change that occurs both in public and in private. Its spread seems to derive from one's own ability to explain the task force for a number of changes that occur and impact on everyday life with...
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