Historia del grupo mahou-san miguel

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The Mahou-San Miguel group is the biggest beer company of Spanish resources. It was stablished in 2000 after the merger between Mahou and San Miguel. Although it seems a new group, bothcompanies have a huge experience, because in a parallel way the business were stablished at the end of the XIXth century.

In 1890, the first Mahou industry named "Hijos de Casimito Mahou" was born.At the beginning this business dedicated itself to the elaboration of ice and beer. The founders were the wife and the childrens of the business man Casimito Mahou García. The first factory wasllocated in Amaniel Street, at Madrid. A year later was made the first elaboration of beer. This event meant one of the beginnings of the beer industry in Spain.

Initially was difficult due to the lowdemand: according to the statics, in the 1980's the demand of beer per person in Spain was 4 litres, while in another places like Baviera it reachs 280 litres. Mahou continued with the elaboration ofbeer. In 1908 they created the Munich beer (dark beer): pioneer in the spanish beer sector.

Mahou company not only began to earn a special place in the taverns and restaurants of Madrid, quickly itcrossed borders with its quality, achieving Gold Medals at the 1897 Brussels Exhibition in Paris in 1900 and again in Brussels in 1907.

Mahoy has ever stood up by the continious inovations in thebeer industry, which fostered the development of the company against other new companies. Some of those inovations were the sustitution of the cork on a metal plug in 1922, or the use of the Ziemannboiling pans in 1928.

After the good results of the company and the growing demand, in 1930 Mahou expands into new markets, because before 1930 it only distributed beer for Madrid. Before the CivilWar the 60% of the sales were done out of Madrid.

Due to the great expansion of the business, they became a corporation named Mahou S.A., that held until the merger with San Miguel in 2000.

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