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SimPE users (creators of recolours and objects) PLEASE READ
In order to create recolours and clones for CEP objects (i.e. Maxis objects modified or improved by the CEP), SimPE must know where to find the CEP files. The latest SimPE versions, by default, will find by themselves the location of all the CEP files (including the Extras), but not the older SimPe versions.The CEP installer is capable of modifying the internal SimPE configuration file, so to automatically declare the location of the CEP Extra files; but a manual check is definitely due. Just perform the following simple steps, looking at the image below as a reference. 1) Start SimPE and go to “Extra -> Preferences -> File Table” 2) First off, look for the line “Folder:{SaveGameFolder}zCEP_EXTRA\”; if you can see it, then you don’t need to do anything. If there is no such line, proceed with Step 3. 3) Click “Add”, then “Load Folder” and then browse to (Documents)\EA Games\The Sims 2 4) Select the folder “zCEP_EXTRA”; please note that it is NOT into the Downloads! It’s in the main “The Sims 2” folder! 5) Click OK on all the open windows to confirm. 6) Perform again steps 3 to 5, adding thefolder: (PROGRAM FILES)\EA Games\The Sims 2\TSData\Res\Catalog\zCEP-EXTRA 7) Restart SimPE.

Q: What are the CEP EXTRA? Why are they installed separately? A: Since the beginning, the CEP has been extremely non-intrusive; nothing problematic has ever been included in the CEP. However, the decision to keep the CEP the “safest” possible had a drawback: I had to exclude some features (all related torecolours, of course) because they would be a little more intrusive. In all the older CEP versions (up to 7.0d) I decided to exclude everything that could be seen by the game as a “global mod”, i.e. all those fixes and changes that could modify the game behavior. Now I’ve decided to include them all in the CEP, as separate optional components: the “CEP Extra”. These components are: -modifications to the mesh, required to make an object recolourable; - modification to game BHAVs, required to fix visual glitches of some objects; - recolours-related improvements to objects that are not strictly needed. Some of them were previously released as part of the main CEP (and now they have been stripped off and released as “Extra”); some others were never released before. Users can freely choosewhat to install, according to their tastes and needs. My suggestion is to install them all, because the main philosophy of the CEP is still the same: every component can be installed in any game, regardless the EP installed; and the overall “safety” of the CEP is very high as usual. However, if you don’t install one or more “Extra” you will just lose that specific feature or fix, but the main CEPwill work fine nevertheless. While no one can guarantee the perfection, I have made any possible effort to keep the CEP, even with these additional Extra components, the safest possible. Always remember that the best place where to report possible bugs, request changes, and get support is the Official CEP Page:

Details about the CEP Extra components
(in order ofappearance in the installer page) Chessboard (Base Game) FEATURE: board and pedestal recolourable at once.
The original chessboard had only the pedestal recolourable; the matching textures for the board did exist, but were “lost”. Installing this CEP Extra, the chessboard becomes fully recolourable (thus recovering the “lost” board colours). The existing recolours in most cases, will still work andwill automatically get the new feature. Only the recolours created for the pedestal only will stop working.
(Fix originally included in CEP 7.0c, then fixed in CEP 7.0d and then released as separate CEP Extra in CEP 8.0)

Colonial Shower-Tub (Base Game) FIX: Tub and metal plumbing now get dirty.
In the original shower-tub, only the curtain and the rim became dirty. Installing this CEP...
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