La vida

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In the beginning of the book, Arrancame la Vida, Catalina was a naïve and innocent child. When she met Andres she instantly respected him. He was an older man with must power and a high status insociety. She admired him and loved him. She wanted Andres to teach her to how feel, which showed how much she admired him. She trusted him completely and their love was true, in the beginning.
Atfirst Catalina is very dependent on Andres and to gain his love she does whatever is asked of her. She doesn’t seem happy when he is away. For example the first time he is arrested, because he is accusedof murder, she is depressed that he isn’t with her. She seems lost, and doesn’t know what to do without him there.
During her first pregnancy seems to be the first time you notice that she isbecoming more independent and less dependent on Andres. She finds out that Andres has not been faithful to her, and returns the favor by cheating on him. After she is unfaithful to Andres she realizesthat her happiness doesn’t have to depend on Andres, and that she can make her own happiness. She doesn’t need him to feel happy or to feel loved either. This is an important part in the book because shediscovers her independence. When Andres isn’t there she finds other things to put her time and energy into to make herself happy.
In the final parts of the book she has claimed total independence.She does what she wants when she wants. She even has a relationship with a man named Carlos. Catalina even considers leaving Andres so that she can be with Carlos always. Carlos makes her happy inways Andres never could. When Carlos “suddenly” dies she is upset and depressed at first, but later realizes that she is fine without him because she is a strong woman.
In the beginning of the storyshe is expected to be a strong woman, a compassionate mother and wife, and she is expected to raise a family that is always growing. Catalina tries to keep up with the things she is expected to do,...
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