Lean six sigma

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Lean Supply Chain Management

An Executive’s Guide to Performance Improvement

R. Michael Donovan

What business leaders say about this book …
This book is a must read for the CEO and management staff to assist in developing plans and implementing lean supply chain management. The many questionnaires and checklists are tremendous tools for gaining insight into a business and forimplementing change. The author’s many years of successful consulting experience with hundreds of companies provides insights into how to properly “create” lean supply chain management. Charles Buckley, President and Chief
Executive Officer (ret.), Brown Plastics Machinery Corporation

Mike Donovan’s book is about evaluating your company’s performance and what you need to do to significantlyimprove. This book keeps delivering on what you need to know. All executives in a manufacturing company should read this book in unison. Jay R. Buehler,
Vice President, Lean Enterprise Strategy, Federal Signal Corporation

This is an important handbook for executives and managers on the subject of lean supply chain management and how to get there. It guides you through the maze of concepts andtechnologies, offers excellent tools for realistic self-assessment and tells you what you need to know to achieve breakthrough improvements. It puts the whole picture into perspective. Robert A. Durazo, Vice President The
Chamberlain Group, Commercial Products Div.

I’ve worked with Mike Donovan and his advice is rock solid. This is “one” book that will put every team on a winning track to increasedproductivity. Don’t hesitate, it delivers! I.S. Farwell, Executive Vice
President and Chief Operating Officer, Rheem Manufacturing Company

Lean Supply Chain Management is a measurable, common sense approach to keeping your business profitable. The checklists alone are an invaluable tool for any top executive. Having utilized many of the techniques that Mike outlines in his book has made atremendous change in my current business operations. Matthew A. LaBranch,
Director of Materials Management, International Game Technology

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Lean Supply Chain Management
An Executive’s Guide to Performance Improvement
By R. Michael Donovan

R. Michael Donovan & Co., Inc.
945 Concord Street Framingham, Massachusetts 01701508-788-1100

Lean Supply Chain Management An Executive’s Guide to Performance Improvement

Copyright © 2003 By R. Michael Donovan All rights reserved, except that permission is granted to photocopy or otherwise reproduce whole pages that contain checklists and questionnaires. Published by R. Michael Donovan & Co., Inc. 945 Concord Street Framingham, Massachusetts 01701 voice: 508-788-1100 e-mail:rmd@rmdonovan.com

Printed in the United States of America

Reproduction Policy The author does not relinquish in any way the copyright ownership of Lean Supply Chain Management: An Executive’s Guide to Performance Improvement. However, it would not be possible for the reader to gain maximum advantage from this book without permitting the reader to reproduce the checklists and questionnaires. Wetherefore allow you to photocopy the checklists and questionnaires to reproduce a near facsimile of the original. In addition, should you wish to share complimentary copies of this book with colleagues and staff (USA and Canada only), please contact the author by e-mail at rmd@rmdonovan.com; by writing the author at 945 Concord Street, Framingham, MA 01701; or by telephoning 508-788-1100. Briefquotations of the content of this publication is permitted, providing attribution is given to this publication and the author. It is recommended that editors, writers, and webmasters contact the author directly for further assistance. Acknowledgments I am grateful to all those people I have worked with over the years. You all helped me formulate the ideas that I present in this book. Specific to...
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