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  • Publicado : 30 de agosto de 2012
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The Battle for Homosexual Adoption.
By: Bianca Magaña.
One of the most controversial topics nowadays in the United States would be if same-sex couples should be able to adopt children or not.President Barack Obama has expressed his decision to support the LGBT community’s rights, whereas the Family Equality Council has chosen not to second that opinion, for he does not believe that a childshould be raised without a father or a mother. But, what about single mothers or single fathers? Isn’t it the same thing? Anyone that is capable of supporting, taking care, and giving love to a fosterchild should be able to adopt him, in spite of their sexual orientation.
First of all, every United States citizen is supposed to have equal rights, both children and adults, whether it is the right tolove or to be loved, it should not matter who the couple is, as long as they are able to raise a child with good education, values, respect, love, and care. However, many heterosexuals have statedthat they believe that if a child is raised by a homosexual couple, the child will turn out to be gay as well, even though it has not been yet scientifically proven.
Secondly, it is not only the legalissue when it comes to homosexual adoption; there is also a moral and a psychological side for it. It has been noticed that most children raised by same-sex couples show more respect and tolerance forother children, although they can be the most mocked and bullied by others because of their lifestyle. Thus, it can affect the child psychologically. For example, 5 year-old, Jackson Manford-Roach ismade fun of almost every day by his classmates for having “two daddies and no mommy.” As a result, little Jackson has been asking his two fathers for his “mommy.”
Finally, for the moral side of it;many adopting agencies in various states allow single parents (homosexuals or not) to adopt a child, as long as they are raised in a non-hostile environment and they are taking good care of. On the...
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