Lesson planning tips

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  • Publicado : 16 de agosto de 2012
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sson planning tips

Lesson Planning Tips

Lesson planning will help you teach with confidence. The longer your class session, the more important it is to have a good lesson plan.Here are some tips to consider.
• Plan Alternative Activities
Always have one or two alternative activities in case the material you've selected doesn't take all the time you thought itwould. How will you fill an extra 10 minutes? 20 minutes?
• Build on Previous Material
Try to continuously practice material that you've covered recently. It's often possible to teach thesame theme several sessions in a row which can help ingrain vocabulary and concepts.
• Balance the Challenge of Content and Activity Type
If your content is challenging, choose activitiesthat are relatively easy to do like fill-in-the-blank exercises or guided discussion questions. If your content is fairly simple, try more challenging activities like role plays or problem-solving.• Create Your Own Materials
Build your own library of materials to support your lessons. You can find several ideas in the Lesson Preparation section of this guide. Be creative. If you investsome time into developing and collecting materials, you'll cut down on your preparation time when you are actually planning lessons.
• Center Lessons Around the Student
Keep the focus onthe learners and minimize the time you spend talking as a teacher. In other words, make the lesson as interactive as possible. Focus on communication.
• Assess Needs 
Periodically take timeto think through your particular learners' needs. Think about cultural factors as well as language deficiencies. This can help you prioritize what you choose to study. Are any of your studentsdealing with culture shock? What kind of language skills might help alleviate it? Try asking the students themselves what they would like to learn.
• Keep a Log 
After each class, write a...