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  • Publicado : 26 de agosto de 2012
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Oliver Twist

This story starts in an orphanage when Oliver Twist is taken to work to a house where he isn´t well treated. Becauseof this, he runs away and goes to London. When he is in the middle of the road, he falls and a woman helps him. Then he continues thetrip. When he is in London, a child takes him to a house where there is an old man called Fagin, who teaches all the children to be apickpocket.
One day, a friend steals a handkerchief and the police see him, but they don't imprison him. In exchange, they takeOliver to the court house. When he goes out of the court house, he is adopted by Mr. Brownlow.
A few days later, Oliver is going to thebookshop when Nancy catches him and takes him to Fagin’s house. Nancy wants to tell Mr. Brownlow where Oliver is, but Mr. Brownlowisn’t in his house. Then, she meets Mr. Brownlow and tells him where Oliver is. When Bill learns what Nancy has done, he kills Nancy.
Billsends Oliver to rob the house of Mr. Brownlow. Oliver tries to escape but Bill shoots him and takes him to Fagin’s house.
When somepeople know about Bill’s crime, they try to catch him but he hides himself in the red hair’s house. Finally, the people find Bill whenthey decide to follow his dog. Bill runs away with Oliver but while they are running, Bill hangs himself accidentally with a rope.
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