Management in mexico

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  • Publicado : 6 de febrero de 2012
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Management in mexico:

pre-columbian times: in this period where 3 the principal cultures that influenced the most some of the management changes; the mayan culture, the olmec culture and theaztec culture. In this cultures management was a very important part, if we analyze them we can find the existence of a very complex organizational structure just like any economic and political welldefined system. They had armies, unions, cultural systems, commerces, etc.

colonial era: during this period some management systems form the old continent were set,it can not be consider that thissystems helped, since the cultures named before already had very labored system and above all very different to the ones the spanish were trying to implement.

Independent mexico: this period wascarachterized by instability, because of the existence of different flows (corrientes), and each one of them wanted to impose its way to manage, there for management was terribly affected.

Reform:there where important cahnges during this period of time, like the separation between religion and politics, the nationalization of the church's goods and the freedom of worship (libertad de culto),this helped to let the management aspect develop better.

Porfiriato: During the Porfiriato, there were significant changes in industrial areas, electrical, rail and economic liberalism, whichresulted in major changes in the administrative aspects.

Mexican Revolution: It is characterized by imbalance and disorder in the economic, political, social and a great imbalance and dissatisfactionin the administrative area.

Post-revolutionary regimes: At this time there is the Mexican constitution, which in its Article 123 refers to the relations and the creation of unions and they seegreat changes in administrative processes.

Modern era: Today we find perfectly well-defined structures to be very competitive require proper management and can not be achieved without the use of it.