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  • Publicado : 30 de agosto de 2010
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Tripp Lite 1111 West 35th Street Chicago, IL 60609 USA Telephone: +(773) 869 1234 E-mail:

Model #: SU20K3/3
SmartOnline 3-Phase UPS System -3-Phase on-line, double-conversion protection for mission critical applications Highlights
20,000 VA (20kVA) tower UPS with internal batteries Saves valuable space:power and battery components combined into a single small-footprint module Simplifies runtime scalability: convenient front-panel battery access for expandable runtime withadditional internal battery packs 3-phase hardwire input and output (120/208VAC). Wide input voltage correction range (88 - 144V AC / 166 - 250V AC) IGBT technology andzero transfer time, on-line, double-conversion operation 3 communication ports, SNMP card slot and EPO jack

Tripp Lite's SU20K3/3 20kVA SmartOnline 3-PhaseIntelligent, True On-Line UPS System has been redesigned to save valuable space and simplify runtime scalability. Power and battery components are combined into a single,small-footprint module (the smallest in its class). A robust internal battery runtime capability can be easily extended by installing additional optional internalbattery packs through the convenient front panel access door.

The SU20K3/3 provides mission-critical equipment with the highest level of power protection available. Largecapacity 20,000VA/16,000 watt UPS continually converts incoming AC power into filtered DC power, and then resynthesizes it back into AC power with a pure sine wave.Perfectly regulated, continuous sine wave output with zero transfer time offers compatibility with all equipment types. IGBT inverter technology produces output power with
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