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EVEG 3110 – Water and Wastewater Treatment
Spring 2012

Catalog Statement: Physical, chemical, and biological characteristics of water and wastewater;
water quality regulation;basic reactor engineering; operation and simple design of physical, chemical, and biological unit processes in water and wastewater treatment.

Prerequisite: CE 2200 – Fluid Mechanics

Schedule:Lecture, 10:40 – 11:30 Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
Room 2162 Patrick F. Taylor

Instructor of Record: Donald Dean Adrian, Ph.D., PE
Rubicon and Effie C. and Donald M. Hardy ProfessorOffice: 3513E Patrick F. Taylor Fax: 225.578.4945
Phone: 225.578.8636 E-mail:
Office Hours: Afternoons, Monday through Thursday

Recommended Text: Reynolds andRichards. (1996) Unit Operations and Processes in
Environmental Engineering, Second Edition. Brooks/Cole

Course Objectives

This course is designed to introduce materialrelating to water and wastewater treatment to students. For undergraduate environmental engineers, this class should provide a background in water quality modification, and a foundation for further studyin the field. The course also is designed to provide undergraduate engineers who may not take another course on this subject with basic knowledge on a wide variety of topics in the realm of waterand wastewater treatment. There are two major objectives in this course

1. To develop an understanding of the methods that are used to modify the quality of water so that an engineer can selectand design the treatment train to produce potable water that meets generally accepted standards for human consumption.

2. To develop an understanding of the methods that are used to modify thequality of wastewater so that an engineer can select and design the treatment train to produce an effluent that has the characteristics specified by applicable regulatory agency criteria that enable...
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