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  • Publicado : 28 de enero de 2012
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Some years ago the great genius Albert Einstein said: ‘’If you want a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or things’’.
Definitely I fully agree with Mr. Einstein,that’s why my speech is about the importance of goals.
As much goals you put on your own, your life will have a better sense. I hardly believe that goals are essentials foreveryone, without them it’s simply a worthless life.
Let’s see, think about beggars, suicides, ‘nini’s’ generation, etc… All of them didn’t plan any goals on themselves; inconsequence, there was no motivation for them to achieve something that makes them feel useful within the society.
In order to reinforce the importance of goals, we need to knowwhat a goal means. By definition a goal is a measurable end result of one or more objectives, within a certain time frame. Then you can establish your goal for near future,mid-term or long term.
Whatever your goal is, we need the following:
First, set your goal. No matter if it’s too hard to reach it, it would represent more effort, in consequenceyou’ll need to be more concentrated and focus in what you want.
-Auto motivation: The base of everything is to have a positive attitude. It’s the energy that comes from ourinside. It cheers you up always. It’s based in our wishes and values.
-Commitment: in order to begin something we need to be convinced to pay the price.
-Adaptability andFlexibility: We need to be ready to adapt to any eventual change
-Emotional auto control
-Organization: we can’t perform several things at the same time, but our time isn’tunlimited. That’s why we need to have an order, discipline and establish priorities.

In summary, I must say that living life through goals achieving gives the true happiness.
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