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Bilateral Trade
Between January and October 2007, the Mexico-Canada
trade reached the $19.6 billion US dollars, 11.7%
higher than the figure shown in the same period on
2006. Furthermore, thisvalue is six times higher than
the trade number recorded during the same period of
1993 ($3.2 billion USD), which is equivalent to an
average annual growth rate of 13.8% in the NAFTA
During this period, the trilateral trade in North America
increased 5.0% with regard to the same period last
year, resulting in $742.86 billion US dollars. As for the
bilateral exchange ofMexico-United States, it increased
in a 5.8% during the first ten months of 2007, resulting
in $290.38 billion US dollars.
Trade Balance
From January through October, the Mexico-Canada
trade exchangerecorded a surplus in favour of Mexico
of $6.7 billion US dollars, $1.1 billion higher than the
same period in 2006.
Canadian Exports to Mexico
• In the 2007’s January-October period, Mexicobecame
the Canada’s fifth exporting market, exceeded by sales
to United States, United Kingdom, China and Japan.
• As for value, exports from Canada into Mexico
reached the $6.5 billion US dollars,612.7% and 7.9%
more than sales carried out on the same period in 1993
and 2006, respectively.
• The average annual growth rate of exports of Canada
into Mexico for the first ten months of years1993 to
2007 was registered in a 15.1%.
Mexican Exports to Canada
• As October 2007 ended, Mexico became the third
supplier of Canada, gaining the 4.2% from the
Canadian imports market value,percentage exceeded
only by imports by United States (54.5%) and China
• In this way, sales of Mexican products in Canada
came to $13.2 billion US dollars, an amount 473.5%
higher than thevalue by the end of October 1993 and
13.6% higher than the sales of Mexico in Canada,
carried out in the same period last year.
• The average annual growth rate of exports from
Mexico into Canada...