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Power input

4. Hardware Installation Procedure
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MGate MB3480 Quick Installation Guide
Third Edition, August 2007

RJ45 10/100 Mbps Ethernet port Terminal Block powerinput

STEP 1: After unpacking the unit, connect the power supply or power adaptor to the unit. STEP 2: Use a standard straight-through Ethernet cable to connect the unit to a network hub or switch.Use a cross-over Ethernet cable if you are connecting the gateway directly to a PC. STEP 3: Connect your device to the desired port on the unit. STEP 4: Place or mount the unit. The unit may be placedon a horizontal surface such as a desktop, mounted on a DIN-rail, or mounted on the wall. Wall or Cabinet Mounting Two metal plates are provided for mounting the unit 6.0 mm on a wall or inside acabinet. Attach the plates to the unit’s rear panel with screws. With the plates attached, use screws to mount the unit on a wall. For each screw, the head should be 6.0 mm or less in 3.5 mm diameter,and the shaft should be 3.5 mm or less in diameter. DIN-rail Mounting DIN-rail attachments can be purchased separately to mount the MGate MB3480 on a DIN-rail. When mounting the unit on a DIN-rail, makesure that it is oriented with the metal springs on top. Wall Mounting DIN-rail Mounting

1. Overview
The MGate MB3480 is a 4-port Modbus gateway that converts between Modbus TCP and ModbusRTU/ASCII protocols. It can be used to allow Ethernet masters to control serial slaves, or to allow serial masters to control Ethernet slaves. Up to 16 TCP masters and 124 serial slaves can be connectedsimultaneously.

2. Package Checklist
Before installing the MGate MB3480 Modbus gateway, verify that the package contains the following items: 1 MGate MB3480 Modbus gateway Document & Software CD MGateMB3480 Quick Installation Guide Product Warranty Statement Optional Accessories DK-35A: DIN-rail mounting kit (35 mm) Notify your sales representative if any of the above items is missing or...
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