Proceso de nomina

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1. Payroll was historically run by the finance group until February 2006, when BHI consolidated all process under its responsibility.2. There are two pay groups:
a. Full time employees and
b. Third parties contracted by an external agent.
3. Full time employees and external agent are following the sameapproval process to hire, terminate and salary increases (only difference profit sharing and ICP)
4. Full time employees are controlled by BHI
5. External Agent is controlled as a vendor by finance6. Since march 2006 as part of the homologation process through BHI, payroll mode is the follow:

1st day of the month 7th day 15th day 30th day


1. Between the 1stand 7th day, the division consolidates information regarding changes of payroll that occurred the entire last month.
2. This changes or news are sent to BHI with the approval of Country Manager and acopy for Finance
3. Between the 7th and the 11th day BHI prepares the preliminary payroll and send it to Finance an HR divisional for review and approval. If there are changes, BHI consolidates thatchanges and generate a new file for approval.
4. The 13th day Finance receives the final file and proceeds to send that information to the bank, to generate the transferences to the individualemployees’ bank account.
5. The 15th day, deposits are made.
6. As the period that BH is paying to the employee corresponds to the current month, the period between the 15th day and the 30th is consideredas an advance, which will be adjusted according the changes that will be generated for the next month.

All new hires are included in payroll once the ePAF is approved.
New inclusions aredone in the real period of time they are in the company.
Terminations are communicated once they are notified to the ex-employee
External Agent is communicated in the same way as BHI payroll
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