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  • Publicado : 25 de noviembre de 2010
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Grupo: 1IV5

Profesora: María del Pilar Galdoz Vallejo

Tema: “Adicciones”

Subtema:Compulsive Eater (Comedor Compulsivo)


1. The persons affected by this disorder of the supply (food) cannot stop eating.
2. The majority of the compulsive eaters are persons whocombine a high level of perfectionism and of anxiety with a low autoesteem and a level of very high stress.
3. Their compulsions for the food owe to a great extent to a desire to control thestress that dominates their life.
4. The compulsive eaters suffer the sensation of being controlled by the food.
5. The compulsive eaters are located inside the mental illnesses together with theanorexia and the bulimia.
6. The compulsive eaters come from families with problems of limits or of parents or mothers too much worried by the physical aspect from themselves, their family and theothers whom they know.
7. Also they come from families in which the food relieves tensions, stress or anxiety or of homes where the only way of expressing love is with an abundant and deliciousfood.
8. Generally they consume big quantities of water
9. They eat faster than the majority of the persons and sometimes privately.
10. Sensation of fault and loss of the control while theyeat up.
11. the compulsory eating it’s very depression
12. the compulsory eating not vomit for make thin
13. the compulsory eating have a nourishing problem
14. the compulsory eating allhours eat
15. the compulsory eating see have diabetes
16. the compulsory eating not use laxative for make thin
17. the compulsory eating have a anxiety problem
18. the compulsoryeating consume fast food
19. the compulsory eating consume excess food
20. the compulsory eating have a stomach problem’s
21. The eating compulsively is the conduct disorder food more common...
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