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  • Publicado : 13 de diciembre de 2010
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Alejandro Gutiérrez Ramírez
Verónica Itzel Rodríguez Ramírez
The Importance of Language Disorders in the Life of the Future English Teacher
Language disorders are problemsthat difficult the linguistic communication. These affect the ability of written and spoken language which involve aspects of language such as grammatical, phonological, phonetic, articulatory problems,among others. Some of the language disorders commonly seen are the Aphasia, Dyslexia and Dysgraphia. As future English teacher is our responsability to identify these problems, helping them and tryto give a possible solution to those anomalies which affect the normal learning process of many children.
In the life of a future teacher mainly who want to teach in a primary or junior hight school,apart from deal with the behavior, they must be conscious of what kind of students they are going to have. First of all, professor need to know if some of the problems that students do, are onlylexical errors or if it is someting more complicated. If a child shows difficulties to produce and comprehend language, that could be due to Aphasia, if a child shows problems at writing in a correct form,for example, having several gramatical errors, that could be due to Dysgraphia or Dyslexia. Thanks to an extract from Dalton and Hardcastle (1989), it could observed some of speech problems in apatient. The study clearly showed the features such as repetition of words, or syllables, an extreme lengthening of syllables commonly seen in a hesitant speaker or a stutterer. Pausing, filled pauses,stress patterns and the lenght of run between pauses are some of others evidences in that kind of persons. Thanks to an other extract from Miles (1993), it also showed some gramatical errors in awritten passage by a 14 years old dyslexic.
For a teacher sometimes is difficult to tell to the children`s parents that they need a special treatment when parents do not know it yet, and even more if...
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