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  • Publicado : 4 de diciembre de 2011
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Research indicates that religious beliefs and values will be a powerfull influence in personal oppinions about nanotechnology, while knowledge about it will no matter atall.
Nanotechnology has evoked a large body of literature on moral and ethical issues, but almost all of it its on secular voices just like philosophers, ethicists and scientist. And among the timereligious commentaries have been much more rare. But all those commentarie will help us in order to anticipate future religious reactions about nanotech.
Talking about the studies or surveys, thereare three of them that we should mention: George Gaskell and colleagues present a study on 2005 that shows that in US and Canada, most of the people trust sciewntific experts to guide us throughscience policy but it was declined because level of education.
The second one its recent, by Dominique Brossard who found that the "strength of religious beliefs is negatively related to support forfunding of nanotechnology"
The third study compared the US and twelve EU nations, all of them had comparable levels of science and technology, and each had a rating on a scale from religious to secular,based on earlier comparative research.  "Religiosity is the dominant predictor of moral acceptance of nanotechnology", wrote Dietram Scheufele and his team. "Public attitudes toward issues such asnanotechnology are increasingly driven by personal values and beliefs". Scientific knowledge about nanotechnology was distinctly less influential than religious belief.
What all of the studies showus, is that at the end, the heart and the mind of a human, it aready since a long time ago full of values, feelings and moral that cannot accept evolution and cannot accept new technology. A relatedpoint is that the scientific knowledge in people's minds is a weak companion to the strong values and concerns in their hearts.
Point of view:
What I think about evolution and about new themes of...
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