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New technologies

Dany Santiago Buitrago H



The following study aims to understand the importance of studying new technologies, in order to get a bit of technology.
which are subsequently discuss new developments in technology, because these advances have not been known to all mankind, I do not pretend to an absolute solution, if not give some elements to enablethe reader deeper into the subject and thus make more people interestedin the subject.
and so with the advent of new technologies we are probably facing one of the biggest changes in education. Insert in the teaching of different subjects, including art, literacy is a technique and a new way of teaching.

Objectives generals

This paper was prepared in order that people are interested moreabout new technologies anddiscover the wilder side Avans and deeper into the technology that very few people even know


1. New technologies
1.1. New technologies that are
1.2. for new technologies that are
1.3. How we can use new technologies
2. Everyday applications of technologies
2.1. The misuse of technology
2.2. Applications of technology in everyday use
2.3. Latesttechnological advances
2.4. Conclusions

1. New technologies

1.1 New technologies that are.

Refers to the latest technological developments and their applications (programs, processesand applications).

New technologies are focused on communication processes and group them into three areas: data, video and telecommunications, with relationships and developments over an area.

There isconfusion in identifying new technologies to computer chips by the presence of almostall new appliances and the role it plays in the society today. Also refer to the technological development in the design of processes, programs and applications.

1.2. For new technologies that are.
Vivimos la revolución tecnológica más importante experimentada por la humanidad. Nos induce sentimientoscruzados de esperanza y temor. Las nuevas tecnologías son hoy producidas ya mayoritariamente por las grandes transnacionales que siguen a la demanda con mayor poder adquisitivo. Las prioridades y necesidades de los países pobres no merecen la atención debida en el financiamiento de la investigación y el desarrollo. El déficis democrático de la globalización agrava el problema. Los grandes fallosrepresentados por Bohpal, Chernobil, la Talidomida, las vacas locas o el cambio climático nos hacen pensar que las tecnologías no están bajo control.

1.3. How we can use new technologies
One of the challenges that teachers have always experienced is how to keep the focus onstudents? How to convey knowledge of the best? Some scholars think that the internet and mobile devices are a threat inrelation to care / student learning and it is therefore necessary to censor their use.

Use social media to educate
Here are some ideas to make use of tools like social networks and other online service to implement in your course and use technology to teach more fun and interactive.
Facebook: One of the most popular social networks at this time, you may not have any student not in use.
Twitter:I found an article where they share online colleges 101 ways to use Twitter social network to implement not only in the classroom but also at the campus or university libraries.
Blogs: Check out what these 20 teachers have managed to create a blog for the courses they teach.
Youtube: it is a tool that lets you create a channel where you can create projects with your students. Remember thattoday a video camera is more accessible and easy to use, what if you create group projects on topics to develop video.

2. Everyday applications of technologies

2.1. The misuse of technology
The technological revolution has succeeded in breaking the barriers of time and spacebetween people hit click. However, the use of new technologies has a less romantic side when associated with stress....
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