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Student’s name: Bruno ParraTeacher’s name: Miss Valia Carrasco
Section: 1
Date : 26/06/2010


To the neighborhood of the world thereexist many different as strange saucers already for the ingredients or his preparation, thanks to this report we will know on them and his origins, this way as also the way of preparing it.

Thenoodles are a type of elongated mass, of small width and form flattened of origin italian.sin seizure to exists a polemic for the origin of the noodles already was in small stone they come preparingnoodles similar to the noodles from more than one millennium before in that in Italy, but, the principal difference takes root in that the flour of the Chinese "noodles" is of rice or soy bean, whereasthat of the noodles of Italian origin is of wheat.

In the ancient Greece already to did grazes droughts, these are masses widespread and dried to the Sun and to receive the name of lagana.The Greeks introduced the lagana in what today it is the Mezzogiorno and former it was known as Great Greece, called then lasagna in Italian suffered an evolution, so that it was drying off more rapidand was kept more time. In the south of Italy began to be carved of diverse manners, principally in thin strips that were hung of ropes and were exposed to the wind and to the Sun. Of there theyderive the noodles.


-200 grams of noodles
-1 green paprika
-60 grams of butter
-2 eggs
-1 onion
- Salt
-1/4 cup of milk


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