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  • Publicado : 17 de agosto de 2012
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-Outside from police station-
J: - Hi, I’m Naomi Zaths and i’m in Baltimore, where the police have found two hands and a human head in cans. These parts below to avictim called Kujoe Bonsafo Agyei-Kodie , 31 years old. He disappeared 6 days before, but one day his brother Jarrod found these cans with human parts in the basement of an apartment, but the owner saidthat they were animal parts and that he hunted last night. Jarrod did not trust him; Jarrod knew he altered his story so that he called the police. When they arrived to his home they didn’t see any canbut later the detectives found the human head and the hands. The police captured Alexander Kinyua a 21 years old guy, and his victim was his roommate. Hey there is the detective Nightingael let’s ask…hey detective could you tell as what’s going on here?
S:- you know what’s going on, you are here for that reason!
J:-So, what’s Alex’s story? Did he say something?
S:-I’m interviewing him infifteen minutes… but I’m sure he will make up a typical innocent story.
J:-but with too many evidences, it would be easier to piece together the story and find out the truth. Wouldn’t it?
S:-huh!! I’mpretty good at finding the truth that’s why they called me… They don’t have the faintest idea how to do it.
J:- Have you ever had cases like this before?
S:-Did I ever tell you about the Milwaukeekiller, Jeffry Dahmer? I’ll never forget the time when I interviewed him. He was a real cannibal he ate thousands of people all of them were males even though he was dangerous, talked with him and helooked like a friendly guy and also a freespirit.
J:- Oh really !! What a risk taker!!
S:-oh I’m sorry I got a go.
J:- and what about ……… Well we are going to stay here to cover the story. Don’tchange channel!
-Interview room-

S:- So… good night boy… you are Alexander… right?
P:- good night sr.
S:-Can I call you just Alex? I guess I can, don’t you think?
P: - sure no problem....
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