The texas holdem players introduction to the winning pot-limit omaha mindset

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‘Tune In, Bet Pot, Cash Out’
The Texas Holdem Players Introduction To The Winning Pot-Limit Omaha Mindset

Mark’s Intro To This Guide
Since I first started the Omaha Planet website, Omaha poker – and in particular PLO High – has gone from a quirky change to Holdem to a serious poker variation enjoyed by many thousands of players every day. While I am sure Holdem will remain as the firstchoice, the continuing growth of Omaha gives those of us who love this game a huge opportunity to profit. This guide is primarily aimed at those making the transition from Texas Holdem over to Omaha for the first time at the lower to mid buy-in levels. Though PLO players with some experience will also benefit as a ‘refresher’. I hope that readers will benefit by gaining an understanding of how an Omahaplayer thinks about different situations – and how to use this knowledge to profit from players who are not considering all of the important factors. There is a steady stream of cash being brought to the tables by players who give away their hand too early, overvalue non-nut holdings and fail to bet their biggest draws for value in multi-way pots. With the help of this guide and the articles overat Omaha Planet you will soon be building your bankroll with this money! Before we start the guide, I urge readers to take special note of the sections on game selection. Not all sites or tables are equal for PLO games, there is no doubt in my mind that those of use who take the time to find the softest games at the softest sites will do significantly better. If you struggle with the odds andequity calculations I also recommend checking out a tool called Omaha Indicator, this is a fantastic help while you are learning the game and has a 3 day trial. I know several players who still profit from the advice given by this unique tool, even though they are now relatively experienced. GL at the tables, Mark

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Table Of Contents:
Part #1 – The 4 Conceptual DifferencesWhich Shape Your Approach
1) Starting Hand Selection, Structure + Nut Potential 2) Protecting Hands And Betting Draws For Value 3) Pot-Limit Betting, Planning And Manipulating The Pot Size 4) Isolating Weak Opponents And Taking Orphaned Pots

Part #2 – Detailed Articles On Specific Hands And Common Situations
5) Your Omaha Poker Bankroll, Size And Variance 6) Key Elements Of Good Omaha TableAnd Site Selection 7) Straight Draws And Wraps In Pot Limit Omaha 8) Double-Suitedness, How Big A Difference Does This Make? 9) Full Houses In PLO, Don’t Overvalue The ‘Under-Full’ 10) Final Thoughts, The Size Of Omaha Games + Links To Further Reading


Part #1 - Overview, The 4 Key Differences Between Holdem And Omaha
We get into many specifics in this guide, including specific hands,betting situations and opponent types. Just for a minute we start by stepping back and look at 4 areas which might seem ‘obvious’ but actually have a big effect on really understanding the subsequent text. These are Instead of Thinking About Starting Hands In Terms Of Their Inherent Strength, Consider Them In Terms Of ‘Playable Structures’ And ‘Nut Potential’. Instead Of Thinking About ‘Pricing OutDraws’ Or ‘Protecting Vulnerable Made Hands’ Start Betting Your Big Draws For Value, Often As A Strong Equity Favorite Instead Of Thinking About The Price To See The Next Card, Plan Out The Possible Betting Sequences Though The Hand Based On Your Opponent(s) And The Pot-Limit Structure – Then Manipulate This To Your Advantage. Instead Of Thinking About Expectation In Isolation, Consider How You...
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