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Internal marketing | Based on the importance of the company training their employees well |
Intangibility | Example: you cannot touch a class |
Expected Service | How you think that the serviceis going to be |
Inseparability | Example: your mother cannot take a flight for you |
Responsiveness | Did they help you quickly? |
Perishability | Example: if you don’t get any costumers in yourrestaurant, you lost that sale |
Perceived Service | How the service actually was |
Variability | Example: every time you go to the bank |
Maturity | Stage where almost everyone has theproduct, so sales slows down |
Decline | Stage where sales drop and the product can disappear |
Invention | Something new that did not exist before |
PLC | Product development, introduction, growth,maturity, decline |
Fashion | Having bangs(fleco), it comes and goes. |
Style | Cholos, cholostyle clotheslines |
Introduction | Stage when there are no profits yet |
Commercialization | Tointroduce the product to the market |
Growth | Stage when people start buying a product |
Simulated test markets | Make-believe (pretend) shopping to see what people are buying |
Promotion mix |Advertising, personal selling, sales promotion & PR |
Types of sale promotion | Consumer, trade, business and sale force |
Push | Strategy where the seller tries to convince you to buy the product|
Pull | Strategy where seller spends a lot of money on advertising for products |
Discount | Example: Only this week you get 20% off the retail price |
Patronage Rewards | Example: Frequentflyer miles |
Appeals | Emotional, rational & moral |
Sweepstakes | Example: If you buy my product, you will enter a contest |
Allowance | Example: If you buy the living room on display, wegive you 20% off |
Advertising Objectives | Persuasive, comparison, reminder and informative |

Coupons | Example: With this paper you get a $5 discount |
Rebate | Example: When you buy a...
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