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CodeBlocks Manual
Version 1.1

Thanks to the CodeBlocks team: Anders F. Bj¨rklund (afb), Biplab Kumar Modak (biplab), Bartomiej wiecki (byo), Paul o A. Jimenez (ceniza), Koa Chong Gee (cyberkoa), Daniel Orb (daniel2000), Lieven de Cock (killerbot), Yiannis Mandravellos (mandrav), Mispunt (mispunt), Martin Halle (mortenmacfly), Jens Lody (jens), Jerome Antoine (dje), Damien Moore (dmoore), PecanHeber (pecan), Ricardo Garcia (rickg22), Thomas Denk (thomasdenk), tiwag (tiwag) Permission is granted to copy, distribute and/or modify this document under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.2 or any later version published by the Free Software Foundation.

1 CodeBlocks Project Management
The instructions for chapter 3 on page 53 and ?? on page ?? are officialdocumentations of the CodeBlocks Wiki site and available in english only. The below illustration shows the design of the CodeBlocks user interface.

Figure 1.1: IDE CodeBlocks Management This window contains the interface ’Projects’ which will in the following text be referred to as the project view. This view show all the projects opened in CodeBlocks at a certain time. The ’Symbols’ tab of theManagement window shows symbols, variables etc.. Editor In the above illustration, a source named hello.c is opened with syntax highlighting in the editor. Open files list shows a list of all files opened in the editor, in this example: hello.c. CodeSnippets can be displayed via the menu ’View’ →’CodeSnippets’ . Here you can manage text modules, links to files and links to urls. Logs & others . This windowis used for outputting search results, log messages of a compiler etc..

CodeBlocks V1.1 The status bar gives an overview of the following settings: • Absolute path of an opened file in the editor.

1.1 Project View

• The editor uses the default character encoding of your host operating system. This setting will be displayed with default. • Row and column number of the current cursorposition in the editor. • The configured keyboard mode for inserting text (Insert or Overwrite). • Current state of a file. A modified file will be marked with Modified otherwise this entry is empty. • The permission of a file. A file with read only settings will display Read only in the status bar. In the window ’Open files list’ these files will be emphasised with a lock as icon overlay. Note: In the activeeditor the user can select the context menu properties. In the appearing dialog in the tab ’General’ the option ’File is readonly’ can be selected. This option will result in a read-only access of the corresponding file within CodeBlocks, but the original read and write attributes of the file on the filesystem are not modified. • If you start CodeBlocks with the command line option --personality= thenthe status bar will show the currently used profile, otherwise default will be shown. The settings of CodeBlocks are stored in the corresponding configuration file .conf. CodeBlocks offers a very flexible and comprehensive project management. The following text will address only some of the features of the project management.

1.1 Project View
In CodeBlocks, the sources and the settings for the buildprocess are stored in a project file .cbp. C/C++ sources and the corresponding header files are the typical components of a project. The easiest way to create a new project is executing the command ’File’ →’Project’ and selecting a wizard. Then you can add files to the project via the context menu ’Add files’ in the Management window. CodeBlocks governs the project files in categories according totheir file extensions. These are the preset categories: Sources includes source files with the extensions *.c;*.cpp;. ASM Sources includes source files with the extensions *.s;*.S;*.ss;*.asm. Headers includes, among others, files with the extension *.h;. Resources includes files for layout descriptions for wxWidgets windows with the extensions *.res;*.xrc;. These file types are shown in the ’Resources’...
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