Comparacion entre el sistema educativo americano y el mexicano

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  • Publicado : 30 de marzo de 2011
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Mexican and American educational system

The American educational system has seven levels of study in comparison to the Mexican who has only five.
In the basic levels of Americaneducation system such as preschool, kindergarten and elementary school education that is taught is style boarding school, where they provide breakfast to students.
The schedule of studiesof American education are more extensive than Mexico, as in the U.S. a child can attend school from 8 in the morning and leave at five pm and in Mexico, comes just 4 hours approximately .In the USA gives more importance to sports clubs in Mexico, as in most of the schools the students attend an out-turn for workouts.The duration of American education is higher than in Mexico, and taught six years of elementary school, one middle school and six high school, mean thirteen degrees before entering theCollege. In Mexico there are six years of primary school and three to enter the baccalaureate diploma. American students completed high school near the twenty years or more, which inMexico would be the secondary education normally ends at fifteen.
American students have less time that Mexicans holydays.
However, the American education from collage is much more expensivethan in Mexico, and the students have to take more levels.
American students have more skills in the use of technologies, because USA is a country much more developed than Mexico, sostudents have more tools.

The most important is that both Mexico and the United States sought to eliminate literacy,taking education to student-centered, based on values, open to social participation, school safety, technology applications to education, quality education in these two countries is not desired