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  • Publicado : 27 de noviembre de 2011
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Over the past few days the class was given an opportunity to better understand the four ways of knowing; language, perception, emotion and logic. Dividing the class among these four groups we were toread chapter three of the course companion, Knowledge and the Search for Truth, and created a poster in order to present our findings. The group that I was placed in as a result of my score on thelearner’s inventory test was the language group, which did not come as a surprise to me as language has always been my strongest area of knowing. Already well aware of the relevance of language inknowledge and truth, I sought to better understand the other three ways of knowing through the discussion and group presentations.
The first group to present was the logic group, which discussedthe logic within math among other things. A fellow student, Alana Dulyn I believe, said that with math there are always one or two definite correct answers. This statement lead me to contemplate thelimitation then of a logical way of solving a problem. With math for example, one can plug in the numbers and systematically solve for x. This method however is impractical in the real world, as there isnot a simple equation that can be applied to life in order to find the solution to a problem. We can’t run the nation’s economy or world hunger through a system of equations in order to end povertyor feed the hungry, it just isn’t plausible. However, in considering this my initial thought is that life’s issues are bigger and more complex than a math problem, with further contemplation though Irealize that while there is not a step by step way to solve a serious life problem, a logical state of mind is still rather helpful in creating step by step suggestions in order to come to betterunderstand a concept. Also, I wondered if logical thinking can hinder creativity, as with logical processing such as mathematic equations there are only one or two correct answers, with no room to think...
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