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MT 3009: Branding
Homework 1

Due date: Thursday 20 August

Please answer the following questions on the article “Focus group reactions to GM food labels”. Each question must be two paragraphslong. You can use a dictionary, only.

1. Briefly summarize the article
A focus group is created in order to test their reactions and opinions about how does GM products should be labeled, sothey took a sample of people from 6 cities and were separated in 3 cities, they were divided into different profiles high education profile persons, negative and positive opinions, and divided intoages also. Props were used to stimulate discussions, participants were asked to comment on whether or not the labels on Gm products displayed adequate information on the risks or benefits on the contentof the product; most of the participants did not had information about GM products and claimed to not be familiarized with the subject in matter.

For instance some of the subjects discussed was ifthe label GM- free product, was ever seen by them and what importance it has on the consumption of the product, or if all GM products should be labeled with a quote that indicates that, and themajority even the negative opinion cluster claimed that it should not be quoted if those products have been tested and there are no negative effects after the consume of those. The main results were thatthe GMO – free labeled products are seen with skepticism, and that a labeling program on GM would like the consumers, but it does not means it should be instituted or how it should be done because itrequires large costs.

2. What were the results of the focus groups to GM foods. Please include an analysis of
Table 1.

The results were that almost no body tried to avoid the use of GM foodsand only one tried to; results were similar than studies before made by other companies and the participants claimed to not be familiarized with the subject; when they were told that most of the...