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1. Hong Kong is an international flourishing financial trade and industrial center in the growing Asian region, and at the doorstep of China.

2. Hong Kong companies are ideal for carrying on international trading, consulting, finance and other activities. There are no exchange controls.

3. Hong Kong offers excellent telecom-munications and a strong professionalinfrastructure.

4. Offshore business is tax-free if goods are not unloaded in Hong Kong, even if banking and letters of credit are made in Hong Kong.

5. There is no minimum authorized capital and it needs not be paid in.

6. Only the Secretary must be a resident of Hong Kong; directors and shareholders may be of any nationality and reside in any country.

7. Complete anonymity can be achievedthrough "Nominees".

8. The standard Memorandum of Association allows all kinds of legal activities.


These companies are frequently used for various pur¬poses such as:

1. Banking

Our organization can assist in the opening of bank accounts for Hong Kong companies in various currencies with recom¬mended banks in or outside Hong Kong, or with banksof your choice. Multicurrency savings accounts are available allowing balances of as many as nine different currencies. You can sign on the account or instruct us to sign on your behalf. Banks in Hong Kong are highly confidential and unauthorized disclosure is forbidden. The bank account can act as a transit center for the transfer of funds between different countries for there are no exchangecontrols or reporting requirements in Hong Kong. Foreign currencies can be depos¬ited or withdrawn in the same currency without the need to be converted into Hong Kong dollars. Bank interests are not subjected to tax in Hong Kong.

2. Investments

In securities, bonds, options, precious metals, etc., through brokers in or outside Hong Kong. Capital gains and dividends are tax free in Hong Kong.We can assist in opening these accounts in the name of the Hong Kong Company and handle the investment, upon client’s request.

3. Trading

The company can conclude business contracts with other trading partners. Offshore income, such as when the shipment does not touch Hong Kong even if the profit is booked in Hong Kong, is exempt from Hong Kong tax. Salaries received by overseasemployees from Hong Kong companies are not subjected to tax in Hong Kong.

4. Hold Properties

Real estates, companies, stocks, etc. can be held by a Hong Kong company so as to protect the owner from estate tax, probate, divorce payments or any attachment.

5. Receive Income

Overseas commissions, royalties from patents, books or mineral interests, consultation fees, rental fees, interests,dividends and many expenses etc., can be received in the name of the Hong Kong company tax free. These incomes can either be remitted into Hong Kong for deposit or not.


Company names submitted for registration must end in "LIMITED" or its abbreviation, "Ltd." If a company name is registrable it will be incorporated in about 3-4 weeks. You may also choose from our stockof ready-made companies available for immediate use. Most of these are newly incorporated companies, however, if desired, older companies are also available. The names of these can be changed as you wish subject to approval of the new name.

Standard companies have an authorized capital of HK$10,000 divided into 10,000 shares of HK$1.00 each. Capitalization in larger amounts or in othercurrencies can also be made. The minimum paid up capital is 1 share.

The Certificate of Incorporation, the annual Business Registration Certificate and the Corporate Seal of each company are kept in the Hong Kong registered office. An official seal is permitted for use abroad.


A minimum of one director, one shareholder and a local secretary are required for each...
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