La familia

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  • Publicado : 31 de agosto de 2012
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Name :
Geraldine Esther

Last name:
Loor Palacio

Topic :
The family



The family is to social institution that plays to very important and fundamentalrolewithin society; I am or is very important to study this mole to know what is or the real family.or this regard we students authors of this work gave or or accordance with to methodology of inductivedevelopment: our own experience; Since we all know till part of to family.or our society today, or is not longer strange to find various types of family with cultivate and customs very diversified, andor depends on the mention that can be meet or our society.This study there are limitations, ace or can have any research work, but our intention is to make you aware of the fundamental and importantmention that plays the family, and participate you or the fulfillment of this purpose.or this work, you will find information regarding the family on: or nature ace to social group functions (roles andfunctions of the family or society), structure (such social ace institution), types of family (various traditional family types) and other aspects, all related to the institution of the family.orthis sense, the authors of this monograph students putt into their hands this material, hoping that or is or very useful that they informed you of what the family, which till their types andcharacteristics of The family and other aspects.

Report consciously about family, their general, and the problems within it, while giving them knowledge in training andcomprehensive education about family.

You will be able to:
Establish and evaluate possible causes problems within the family Propose, design and use promotion processes and human andsocial development, aimed at preventing causes and identify risk factors and protective mechanisms, as consequences of failure counter functions the familia .Create and develop solidarity networks,...
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