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A generation is composed of the people whose common location in history gives them a collective personality. The span of one generation is roughly the length of a phaseof life. In the 20 century, several generations have been identified: Gl. Silent, Baby Boomer, Generation x and millennial generation. This last generation, also called generation y has sufferedmany more changes than any other generations.
People who belong to millennial generation are the group born between 1980 and 1995. This is imprecise because there's not much agreement on exat dates, butwe can say that the are between 14 and 30 years old. Many of the representatives of generation y are just graduating from college and entering higher education. Others are joining the workforce.Others are moving through the teen years.
According to researchers, the people born in the last 20 years are very different from the people of other generations, and it is because their environment andtheir context have influenced them profoundly:

• They have been more environmentally conscious, and desire to solve the environmental destructions caused by their parents' generation. As aconsequense, they have looked for other sources of energy besides oil.
• They have increased their desire to be more cooperative and socially involved. They belong to associations or foundations that serveand help other people, something that has made them more altruistic.
• They have fought for democracy and have participated in the decisions of their countries, voting and being candidates for rulingpositions.
• They have developed more self- confidense then the peolpe in previous generations. This is due to the fact that they are more independent, they do not really count on older peoples’decisions. An example of this confidense is that according to a survey applied at a school eighty-eight percent of the people have established specific goals for themselves for the next five years...
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