Preparing students to be members of their society

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Preparing Students to be Members of their Society.

The Sociological Foundations give us a clear idea about the role of Eduaction in the society nowadays. Presenting to us the school as aminiature society, so what happens in the society affects directly in the school environment and situation.
The modern society are becoming more diverse in term of ethnic, religious, political andother sorts. Students are exposed to loads of technology and information at everywhere, and for that reason one of the important role for eduaction in the present is to “Prepare students to be membersof their society, than just teaching them information for their own personal edification”.

Education has a vital role to play in assisting students to understand their culture identity andtheir own develop in their society. Saylor and Alexander said “The school will inculcate the values, ideals, beliefs traditions, and more of the social group”(Sociological Foundations, p20). Based onthis studenst must be equipped with knowledge and skills to participate effectively as member of society and contributes towards the development of shared values and common identity.
Thestudents need to know that they are part of the society in which they live, that their contribution in the present and future is going to be useful for their partners, children, family, furthermore thismust be insert in their common live for their parents, and reinforce in the school, by their teachers.
Often this is corrupt for the same society and technology. This occur because in the modernsociety the exposure of the students at the communications permit them have a clear idea what is happenig in the world and in their own society. Wether we like it or not, social web technologies arehaving a huge influence on students who are lucky enough to be connected, even the youngest ones.
“The school will inculcate educates its pupils to live in a particular society at a particular...
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