Qualifications of outsourcing

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People must register with reputable companies to provide their services.
Ensure compliance safety and health, social security, and contracting.
Quality is required, maintain a good quality, look to good services, and facilitate the operation of the system, able to reach a good quality service, compliance, innovation.

* The subcontractor will try as far aspossible to minimize any impact associated with the activity.

* It is the responsibility of the subcontractor prevent put into effect the elimination of effects on the performance of work.

* Evaluate supplier capabilities.

* Effectively protect the lives and health of all workers employed in his work, undertaking or activity.

* Being a productive organization with half.* Organize and direct the work workers.

The solvency requirement and business quality.

Must demonstrate compliance with a number of conditions to ensure the quality and minimal organizational structure within the company. Risk-taking duties and responsibilities arising from the activity. Exercise directly address the work

The requirement of stability in employment.

Conditionrelating to the obligation to have adequate personal means to carry out the activity. Contractors and subcontractors have a minimum

percentage of permanent workers with respect to the total workforce, to
ensure minimal organizational solvency.

The duties of monitoring compliance.
Compliance with the requirements of the law by the subcontractor.
Run the job with autonomy and responsibility.DIVERSIFICATION

It is the process by which a company changes offer new products and enter new markets, investing directly in new business. Diversification is a marketing strategy. The reason for diversification is the quest to reduce the overall risk of the company.
There are two types of diversification depending on new or existing business of the company.

Related Diversification: Based onthe search for old and new activities.

Unrelated diversification: strive to reduce the overall risk of the company. But not based on old or new business activities.


Has been identified as a means to ensure control, compliance and gain
competitiveness differentiation through the development of shared services. It is a level that organizations can have a significant changetransformation. It is when a company fails to hire a business function and begins to take place internally. Instructing is the opposite of outsourcing. It is big to use in production to reduce costs taxes, labor and transportation.


From the standpoint of labor, outsourcing may represent a new threat, contributing to worker insecurity and reflective of the general process ofglobalization.


Western governments may try to compensate workers affected by outsourcing various ways through legislation. The Directive applies differently in different nations. In the United States, the trade Adjustment Assistance Act is meant to provide compensation for workers directly affected by international trade agreements. Whatever or not these policiesprovide the security and fair compensation.

By country

United States

Outsourcing" became a popular political issue in the United States, having been confounded with off shoring, during the 2004 U.S. presidential election. The political debate centered on outsourcing's consequences for the domestic U.S. workforce. Democratic U.S. presidential candidate John Kerry criticized U.S. firmsthat outsource jobs abroad or that incorporate overseas in tax havens to avoid paying their "fair share" of U.S. taxes during his 2004 campaign, calling such firms "Benedict Arnold corporations".

European Union

Where outsourcing involves the transfer of an undertaking, it is subject to Council Directive. Trying to implement solutions to reduce costs, many companies in Western Europe have...
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