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Skills in English

-Literary devices:
Eg. What has happened to Lulu mother?
What has happened to Lu?
Alliteration: is the repetition of consonantsounds within close proximity, usually in consecutive words within the same sentence or line.
Eg. Window wide / Late last
Metaphor: comparison of two unlike thing using the verb to be and not usinglike or as, as in a simile.
Eg. “…in the centre of the Sun Dome, of course, was the sun. A small floating free globe of yellow fire...”
Simile: is the comparison of two unlike thing using the wordas or like.
Eg. “The rocket flashed like a beaten gong and gave off a metal ringing”.
Hyperbole: is an exaggeration or overstatement.
Eg. “It was the most beautiful music in the world”.Synaesthesia: it involves taking one type of sensory input (sight, sound, smell, touch, taste) and comingling it with another separate sense in an impossible way.
Eg. When we say “blue note” while playing asad song, we engage in synaesthesia. Or when we say “cool green” we mix tactile imagery with visual imagery the same way.
Synecdoche: is when one uses a part to represent the whole.
Eg. “Two headsare better than one”. Represents whole bodies.
Eg. How can that be my mother? She’s wearing furs in June,
She looks like an alien landed from the moon.
Repetition: where a specificword, phrase, or structure is repeated several times, usually in close proximity, to emphasize a particular idea.
Eg. ‘I must be, I must be’ said him.
Eg. “Splash”/“glup”,etc.Antropomorphism: giving an animal human characteristics or behaviour.
Eg. “The chimpanzee crossed his legs and continued his inspection of the hut”.
Personification: when human thoughts, actions,perceptions and emotions are directly attributed to inanimate objects or abstract ideas. When an abstract concept, such as a particular human behavior or force of nature, is represented as a person.
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