Summary "great expectations"

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Philip is an orphan who lives with his sister and her sister's husband.The story begins when he meets a man who asks for food, otherwise he would go wrong. Philip obey but finally forgetit.

A few months later, a lady, Mrs. Havisham invited him to play at home, where he meets a girl, Stella, which Philip falls in love with, but she is conceited and refuses to Philip for being poor.When that happens Philip goes into depression and ask Biddy to help him to read and write.

Then begins a sad stage for Philip, because his sister gets void and he began to work as a blacksmith,but not earning much. A solution reached on when a man known to the old woman said that someone has given him money. It gives the money to dress correctly and he told him that he has to live in Londonwith a rich family

Philip thinks of being in another social class, for a part he wants to become a man, a gentleman to please Estela, but in other part he felt sorrow for get separated from hissister, her husband and his friend Biddy. He decided to settle in London.

In London, he lives in a room with the eldest son of the family who becomes his friend. Then he get two news, one good and onebad, the good news are that Estela is going to live in London, and the bad news are that his sister has died, wich causes a big depression to him

Suddenly the story changes, the man who helpedPhilip at the beginning of the story appears,his name is Provis. He was the one who received the money from Philip, and send it back to Philp in gratitude, so he could be the gentleman he was never ableto be to Estela.

Philip felt hate because he feels miserable for his new life, also by the fact he lost his sister and misses his home. Philip later learns that Provis is illegally in London andhas to hide him and take him out from London. Before leaving, Philip declares his love to Estella but she says that she is engaged, and also she tolds him that she is Probis's daughter.

When he is...
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