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Case: Siemens AG – Global Development Strategy

All Siemens businesses are part of a medium organization that combines a central strategic compass reading with decentralized business and localresponsibilities.

"Siemens is a productive innovator and a strong actor in the global commerce stadium. The information, skills and dedication of our populace are crucial to our sustained achievementas a corporation."

Productos importantes Siemens:
- Industrial: Electric Motors, SIMATIC (Human machine interface, automation designer, win cc*), SINTENSO (fire detection system).
-Telecommunications: Siemens mobile phones, radio and core products for 2G and 3G Mobile Networks (GSM)
- Transportation: algunos metros de ciudades importantes como Barcelona o Berlín, SiemensVectron electric locomotivas.
- Control System: SIMATIC.
- Healthcare
- Power Generation, Power transmisión


Philips, General Electric, Samsung, Bombardier,Alstom, Alcatel-Lucent, Cisco Systems, Nortel y Ericsson.

Principios de Siemens:

1.We strengthen our CUSTOMERS - to keep them competitive.
2.We push INNOVATION - to shape the future.
3.We improvecompany VALUE - to open new opportunities.
4. Employees are the key to the success. We work together as a global network of knowledge and learning. Our corporate culture is defined by diversity, byopen dialogue and mutual respect, and by clear goals and decisive leadership.
5.We embrace corporate RESPONSIBILITY- to advance society.

"Go for Profit and Growth" is the main goal of the company."Global network of innovation" is the vision of the company.

-Siemens needs the best and the brightest people in order to achieve excellent businessresults.
- Offers them exceptional long-term potential. Recruitment, training, continued education, motivation and development opportunities with in the company

1. How would you characterize Siemens...
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