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Read the selection and then choose the statement that is most likely true.

 Drawing Conclusions

1. Emir rarely rides to school each morning. He could take the school bus but prefers to walkthe two miles from his home to school. He believes that the walk wakes him up and improves his learning throughout the day.

a. Emir always rides the bus home at the end of the school day.
b.Emir never rides the bus to school.
c. Emir values learning.
d. Emir is usually late for school.

2. “Remember, Maria,” Mrs. Russo said, “You’re very allergic to chocolate. Please don’t eatany chocolate candy at the Halloween party!”

Three hours later, Maria was home from the party with a terrible stomach ache. “I promise you, Mom,” Maria groaned, “I’ll always do what you say fromnow on.”

a. Maria got into a fight at the party.
b. Maria ate chocolate at the party.
c. Maria ate no chocolate at the party.
d. Maria embarrassed herself by singing at the party.

3. Inanother week, we’ll be turning our clocks back one hour. Then it will be almost dark by the time most of us get home from school. It will seem as if we suddenly have less daylight each day. Ofcourse, people aren’t actually changing the behavior of the sun or the earth by messing with their clocks.

a. Our planet has to spin faster when we reset our clocks.
b. It’s clear that turning ourclocks back will help prevent global warming.
c. If according to our clocks, the sun sets an hour earlier, it will also rise an hour earlier.
d. The earth will actually rotate at a slower ratewhen we turn back the clocks.

4. Every time I give my cat a plate of tuna, he ignores it. Every time I give him a plate of salmon, he quickly eats it all. When I feed him beef, he eats a littlebit of it, but doesn’t seem to love it.

a. Cats prefer salmon over tuna.
b. I give my cat more than one kind of food.
c. My cat likes tuna better than beef.
d. My cat won’t eat fish.
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