Introduction to international relations the international system and how this affects the politics

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Introduction to International Relations
The International System and how this affects the Politics

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In this essay I’m going to talk about the globalization and the effects that this system brings to the new world that we have, because we all know allthe economic crisis that we are having because of one country and I will explain if this system is still alive and strong or if we have to change of system to make to us a better world, but the globalization also have good parts because with the globalization all of us have better stuff and a higher life quality, but like I said in the start of my essay in this system if one little country have aeconomic crisis we all going to have that crisis no matter how far we are from that country this is the problem right know with the Greek crisis that even Spain is having economic problems and also one of the problems in the globalization is that the state spends all our money to save banks that invested our money needlessly.
In the modern world a lot of politicians, and business men’s thinksthat the globalizations is very alive and more stronger than ever but with the economic crisis of the U.S.A. banks or global recession in 2009 that the U.S.A. government spends more than 3 trillions of dollars to save some of the important banks of the country.

Introduction to the Globalization
The Globalization is refers to the increasing global relationships of culture, peopleand economic activity, is usually take the meaning of an economic term but its actually is a lots of thing and well this globalizations is one of the systems that is right know and many experts thing that the globalization is the most strongest of the system because they have the free markets. “Globalization is a process which stimulates to promulgate scientific and technical achievements allover the world”. (Pruskus, 2008).
The bad thing of globalization is that we the business men only want money and they don’t care if they create jobs opportunities in their countries, they only what to produce more in a cheaper price that’s way some people are against the globalization because even a chines kid can make the work of a old man and for a cheaper price. That is the case with the callcenter that there a lots of call center in India but even that most of the companies are going to India is still not enough money to make India a first class country, actually India is getting poorer and poorer.” Antiglobalisers appeal to statistics and argue that poverty is not abating in the world: rich advanced countries keep on becoming wealthy, and poor ones keep on becoming poorer”. (Pruskus,2008)
This globalization is under a big crisis. This is not a surprise because in recent years we have been seeing all the faults that have the system of globalization. “That transition could be a highly turbulent one, due to three strong and unpleasant dangers: nationalism, populism, and inequalities”. (Moeller, 2011)
But is not only bad problems with this globalization because if the countriesare working in the security and the laws and the exports the country could reach the level of South Korea, the most amazing country that do this is Brazil, they made an effort so they could receives more wealth instead of just being a third class countries and now like Brazil is one of the most important countries in South America and one of the most important countries in the whole America andwell Brazil is a giant in the metal industries and he will have even more wealth in 2014.”Globalization is transformational-institutional because it traces successive steps in what we might call the development of a planetary constitutional design”. (Modelski, 2007)
Globalization in South American countries is helping they to get out of the poor zone because the globalization is bring the...
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