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Surgical English Ramón Ribes · Pedro J. Aranda John Giba

Ramón Ribes · Pedro J. Aranda John Giba

Surgical English


Ramón Ribes Reina Sofia University Hospital Serv. Radiología 14005 Córdoba Spain Pedro J. Aranda MD, PhD, ED Cardiovascular Surgery Department Hospital Regional Universitario Carlos Haya Málaga Spain

John Giba C/ Mossèn Cinto Verdaguer 19, 2-7 08181 SentmenatSpain

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To my youngest sister, Mara Ribes Bautista, for her enduring support. Ramón Ribes

To Irene and Pamela, my beloved experts in communication.Pedro J. Aranda

For the surgical teams that saved my life and for Nuria and Julia, who make it worth living. John Giba


Over 2 years ago, when Dr. Ribes invited me to work on this book I thought it was a great idea. However, I was convinced that I would not be able to collaborate on this project for two reasons: first, I did not feel proficient enough to take on this task, andsecond, I thought that I would never be able to find the time to do it. Later, he gave me copies of two excellent books that he wrote in collaboration with others, Medical English and Radiological English, with a handwritten dedication saying, “You are the right person to write Surgical English.” This made me reconsider undertaking the project. It has taken me more than 2 years to finish my part of thebook.… I thank Dr. Ribes for his patience. I have my father and mother to thank for “forcing” me to learn English when I was at school and for actually pushing me to be an exchange student in the USA as a teenager. As a kidney specialist, my father knows that without a minimum level of English it is difficult to progress beyond the boundaries of your language or get involved in internationalprojects. Later, I had the privilege of spending short periods in different hospitals in Europe and in the USA, when I was a medical student, a resident, and as a fully trained surgeon. This experience included stays at hospitals in English-speaking countries, like Hammersmith in London or Stanford Hospitals and Clinics in California, as well as at hospitals in non-English-speaking countries, like theBerlin Heart Center, Leiden University Medical Center, and the Cologne City Hospital, among others. This has been one of the most enriching experiences in my life and has opened many doors, both personally and professionally. Like other specialists, surgeons have to study hard to keep our knowledge up to date. However, unlike some other specialists, we also need to see other surgeons working and to...
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