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1. Complete the sentences with de correct form of the verb in brackets. |
1. Ann (like) chocolate. She(eat) two bars a day. Ann likes chocolate. She eats two barsa day.2. They(go) to Germany every summer. They (speak) German very well. They go to Germany every summer. They speak very well.3. I always(buy) popcorn when I (go) to the cinema. I always buypopcorn when I go to the cinema.4. We usually(have) dinner at half past eight. We usually have dinner at half past eight.5. The museum(close) at six o'clock. The museum closes at six o'clock.6. Thefilm(finish) before ten o'clock. The film finishes before ten o'clock.7. Tom(study) Maths every afternoon. Tom studies Maths every afternoon.8. Your friend(wash) his car on Sundays. Your friend washes his caron Sundays.9. My parents(do) the shopping on Saturday morning. My parents do the shopping on Saturday morning.10. The shops(open) at half past nine in the morning. The shops open at half past nine inthe morning. |

2. Write the third person singular form (he, she, it) of these verbs. |
1. Wash Washes2. Put Puts3. Do Does4. Close Closes | 5. Teach Teaches6. Watch Watches7. Go Goes8. Get Gets|

3. Correct the sentences if necessary. |
1. She goes to the beach in summer. Correct2. They opens the shop in the morning. They open the shop in the morning.3. I watch the news in theevening. Correct4. My friend watch TV at night. My friend watchs TV at night.5. Bob and Peter washes their car. Bob and Peter wash their car.6. Pamela like going to the cinema. Pamela likes going to thecinema.7. The show finishes at eleven o'clock. Correct8. Paul loves playing tennis. Correct9. He always passes the exams. Correct10. She never studys for the tests. She never studies for the tests. | |SIMPLE PRESENT (NEGATIVE) |

1. Write these sentences in the negative form. |
1. She plays the guitar very badly. She doesn't play the guitar very badly.2. You do your homework every day....
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